I like FPS games like Battlefield, PUBG etc. and Flight sims, particularly DCS World.


My old ABOUT ME.  What, was I trying to be cool or something?  LOL.

What can I say that hasn’t been said about me already?

I am “pheral”.  That is 1337 for “feral”.  It means I am wild and, uncontrollable.

I am “cat”.  I walk alone, unafraid and unbound.  I do my own thing.

I am Pheral Cat.

So what’s your story?

When I have the time, I play them games. I like lots of games, particularly, FPS, Flight Sims, Driving Sims, RTS, RPG and more.

Wanna play?  You will see me out there, just look for me!

Read my blog for my most recent activity.  I try to stay up on all things gaming plus gaming snacks, plus other technology.

Watch my Youtube channel for the latest games I have played!