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Check out this great blog by my friend and fellow DCS World Pilot, Element.  It called TheFraternitySim at https://thefraternitysim.com/

He has great articles, personal insights, and even develops mission you can download for free.  Element can also be found in hi sown TheFraternitySim Facebook group as well as the DCS Huey group on Facebook.  He is a great pilot, one I usually wind up following around the Aerobatic Online Server in monster Huey formations.  We have also flown in (simulated) combat together on hot DCS missions.  He is one cool cat under fire.  I would gladly fly his wing any day, so it’s great to see him running his own website.  Element is a talented web developer, so you will enjoy his site for sure.

If you haven’t checked him out yet, my question would be..why not???

TheFraternity Sim:




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