Heatblur F-14 and A-6E Intruder Update for DCS World

I always drool when Heat blur makes an announcement about the upcoming F-14 they are creating for DCS Wolrd.

Here is a summary of what they said

F-14 Development Update!
Stick with it.

Dear All,

4 years, 5000+ commits and tens of thousands of manhours later we’re finally there, on to the final leg of the final stretch of what will hopefully be a new foundation for all things Heatblur.

As many hours as we’ve put in, you’ve probably spent quite a few yourself mired in frustration about not climbing into your own GRU-7 just yet.
We understand this and sincerely hope that the quality of the finished Tomcat will weigh heavily in our favour and put us in your good graces.

They are are also adding an A-6 Intruder to the AI list.

I wish we could fly it, but maybe someday down the road.  I never cared much for the Intruder, but I enjoyed the movie, and then I met a REAL Intruder pilot (his name was even Jake, like in the movie!).  He enrolled for training at the aviation college I was attending to transition out of military and into civilian commercial flight.  He was as nice and as cool as he was proficient.  He was eager to help any flight student with questions and I became a fan of the Intruder and the pilots that flew her.

So if they make an Intruder, I will buy it….AFTER the F-14 Tomcat, that is!

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