Update to DCS World Open Beta

Eagle Dynamics released an update to DCS World Open Beta.  Pilots should upgrade accordingly.  Here is a run-down of what’s included in the update:

SOUCE:  https://www.facebook.com/eagle.dynamics/posts/10160890967605341 Open Beta

DCS World
BRU-42 weight is corrected
Ground units are no more moved out of the bridge being attacked
Mouse camera control now works after mission change
Smoke from generators no more displayed after aircraft damaged
F10 map will center on players aircraft at first entering
‘Twin S-25OFM’ payload weight corrected
DCS crash when user lands on carrier in VTOL aircraft fixed
Flight model updated for all AIM-7 family
Rain droplets artifacts fixed for all cockpits

Mission Editor
GUI Error when using task ‘Embark’ to transport for vehicle fixed
GUI Error when user tries to open tab Stop Condition after add waypoint fixed
Different Labels options added
Aircraft initial speed calculated based on optimal cruise values
Rain droplets option listbox replaced with checkbox
MSAA 8x option removed
F10 view can be unzoomed now when mission saved with maximal zoom in ME
Box for ‘Time left’ text expanded (offline mode)

No more HUD avionics freeze when Mer*6 Fab-100 jettisoned

max weight is corrected
Engine damage appears when player exceeds max possible RPM
Engine start sequence is corrected
‘Fighter’ aircraft icon replaced

Normandy: terrain shining removed

AIM7 FLOOD mode corrected
PRF selection label by OSB 1 changed to PDI cannot be changed unless the lock is dropped
Hornet PAI will now engage targets with radar-guided missiles
Power Up sound, EW Tones and Lights added
Both DDI brightness now can be regulated

Gunsight option for L-39 moved to the Mission Editor, aircraft panel

RWR intensity knob now rotates smooth
F-5E Chinese cockpit texture added

Mi-8MTV2 Chinese cockpit texture updated

China Asset Pack
Surface-To-Air missile parameters updated

Mi-8 Oilfield: Mission 12 improved, APA-80 starts after switching off the external power

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