What is Navy Case Recovery

If you fly military simulators long enough, you are going to hear the naval sim pilots talk about Case recoveries.  What are they?  They are classifications of departure and recovery operations for aircraft aboard a carrier.  Basically, rules and types of approach and departure for Navy aircraft aboard a carrier.


Case I: Requires at least 3,000 feet and 5 miles visibility.
Case II: Requires at least 1,000 feet ceiling and 5 miles visibility.
Case III: When below 1,000 feet and less than 5 miles visibility, or any night recovery.


Case I – is your choice when it’s Clear, Blue and 22.  That’s pilot lingo for..”The sky is clear and visibility is great, 22 miles or more”.

Case II –  When the weather is IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions – very cloudy or completely overcast and you are flying blind in the soup) and flying via instruments.

Case III – The toughest IMC/IFR conditions and/or night departures and recoveries (take-offs and landings).


For more information you can check out Wikipedia.  They have a great full-page article on this.

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